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* NEW * 07.02.2018 * NEW *

Nếu khng muốn g Tiếng Việt, bạn c thể "tạm thời" tắt bộ g bằng cch g "nt tch" (Spacebar)  2 lần
Key=8 hay 'z' xa Mũ-Mc trước,
Key=0 hay 'Z' xa Sắc-Huyền,.. trước, Mũ-Mc sau

Textarea 1:
Textarea 2:
More samples:

Very easy integration:

You need to add below lines at bottom of your HTML-Pages (e.g. direct before </BODY> or between </BODY> and </HTML> or after </HTML>) .
That's all.
Then you can input HTML-Codes (or something else) fast and correctly into any text-input element (input text, textarea).
By Textarea can user format their Text visually with right mousebutton.

<script src='http://......./jscript/quickbuild.js'></script>
<script src='http://.........../viettypingplus.js'></script>

UPLOAD-feature needs also editing the file "upload.html" and server scripts: "upload.pl, show.pl", "upload.php, show.php", "upload.asp, show.asp" and "index.html" in your upload directory (see there).
You can now (R14.0) change layout of the editor by editing the file "vdev.css"
And using your language by translating the file "language.js"

If you don't like default configuation, you can modify it with 3 methods.

  1. Once for whole site: Change global Variables, which you need,  in file QUICKBUILDV.JS.
  2. Flexible for a specific page: Set global variables, which you need, before the line.
    e.g: <script> VISUAL=0; SECURE=0; USEFORM=1;</script>
  3. Combine between both showed methods.



Posible Values


SECURE=1; 0,1;  all tags <script>, <meta>, on-events.... turn to normal text.
VISUAL=1;  0,1,2,3,4,.. see under
POPWIN=1;  1,0 Enable Right-click Popup dialog
DFFACE=''; 'times new roman'; Default fontFamily of Editor
DFSIZE='';    '14px'; Default fontSize
DCOLOR='';  'blue'; Default color
DBGCOL='';  'green'; Default backgroundColor
DBGIMG='';    Default URL-backgroundImage 
DCSS='';    'test.css'; Default External Stylesheet-URL - content's layout
SYMBOLE='<QBFBR>' ;    Symbole for end-of-field in clipboard-chipcard.
USETABLE=1;  0,1 Support table editor
USEFORM=0; 0,1 Support inputing forms and their elements
RETURNNL=1; 0,1 1=Newline by pressing RETURN-Button and New paragraph by SHIFT+RETURN
FULLCTRL=0; 0,1 0=fast loading; 1=display all controls buttons
VDEVCSS='vdev.css'; filename editor's layout
LANGUAGE='language.js'; filename editor's language
ON_OFF=1;   0,1 VietTyping 1:ON, 0:OFF
TYPMOD=1;   0,1,2,3 VietTyping-mode 0:Auto, 1:Vni, 2:Telex, 3:VIQR-US, 4:VIQR-GER
SPELL=1;    0,1 Check vietnamese word  0:No-check, 1:Yes
MENUFORM=1;    1,2 1:Rectangle, 2:Bar
MENUPOS=1;    0,1,2,3,4,12,23,34,41 Position of Popupmenu  0:Nomenu, 1:topleft,2:topright,3:bottomright,4:bottomleft,....
NEWACCENT=0;    0,1 0:Traditional Accent Position (ho`a); 1:New law (hoa`)

VISUAL=0 : Textarea turn to Editor after confirmation
VISUAL=1 : all Textareas turn to Editors
VISUAL=2 : spezific textareas turn to Editors
VISUAL=3 : all Iframes turn to Editors
VISUAL=4 : spezific Iframes turn to Editors
VISUAL=other : no Visual-Editor
ALLFRAME=0 default; 
ALLFRAME=1 turn on all iFrame to editable
If you want to turn on only one specific iframe, then using addIframe(frameIDx)

You can simple copy&paste below Codes to your Webpage und change
frameIDx= your_frames_ID:

<script src='https://vietdev.sourceforge.io/jscript/quickbuild.js'></script>
<script src='https://vietdev.sourceforge.io/jscript/viettyping/viettypingplus.js'></script>


Release by VIETDEV, welcome


  1. Jscript for Text-Formating with RightMouseButton (R1.0 2002/04/23)
  2. WYSIWYG-Text-Formating for any Textarea (R2.0 2002/05/23)
  3. with Security Check (R3.0 2002/06/12)
  4. with Div-Tools for Online-Designing (R4.0 2002/07/08)
  5. Editor-Options, Open/Save-Local Files, Content Recover, Chipcard-Data Insert, Find (R5.0)
  6. Simpler And Flexibler Integration (R5.5 2002/09/26)
  7. Highlight-Hotkeys, Return/Shift+Return, Security Uploads (R6.0 2002/10/20)
  8. Link with target, The Simplest Integration (R6.5 2002/11/02)
  9. Release 13.0 - With Mozilla 1.3 (R13.0 2002/12/12)
  10. Release 13.5 - Visual Editing With Mozilla 1.3+1.4 (With Perfect Table and Layer Tools) 2003/03/16
  11. Release 14.0(new R9.0) - Mozilla 1.3-1.5 (2004/01/07)
  12. Release 10.0 - Double spacebar for Non-Viet-Typing(2004/08/18)
  13. Release 11.0 - Update for Google Chrome Browser (2008/09/21)
  14. Release 12.0 - Update for Viettyping (Key=8 or 'z' delete '^', '(' first; Key=0 or 'Z' delete accent first)  (2018/02/07)